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Celebrate Father's Day With your Favourite MCC

Celebrate Father's Day With your Favourite MCC

With winter knocking on our door and chilly weather, what better way to spend Father's Day cosied up with your family with a movie, popcorn, macaroni and cheese with truffle oil, mushrooms and toasted breadcrumbs and a bottle of De Grendel MCC Brut?

Below find the recipe for the perfect stylish evening.

De Grendel Wines MCC Brut Popcorn

Shocked that we recommend De Grendel MCC Brut and popcorn? They are the perfect partners because the yeasty, toasty bready flavours of our MCC crave the fat and salt of a perfectly popped and dressed bowl of popcorn. And then there’s all that texture: the crunch of the popped corn loves the fizziness of bubbles. A real taste and texture explosion in your mouth.

It is well known that our MCC loves luxury food items especially when flavoured with truffle try our favourite recipe below from www.mygourmetconnection.com click on the link below.


1 x bottle of De Grendel MCC Brut

1 x bag of your favourite buttered popcorn

1 x new release movie

+ Macaroni and cheese with truffle, mushrooms and breadcrumbs:


May 31, 2016