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Ethical trading

 De Grendel is a proud member of the Wine  and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association (WIETA), a multi-stakeholder, non-profit voluntary organisation which actively promotes ethical trade in the wine industry.

For many years, De Grendel has involved its farm workers on a shared-ownership basis and also invests heavily in the education of the farm labourers and their children, such as:

  • Transport to and from school for all workers children living on the farm
  • Free transport to doctors and clinics
  • Tertiary education support
  • Support with major medical procedures
  • An after-care facility on the farm for school children provides a quiet environment do homework, get Internet access and support from a qualified educator.

Montrose Foundation

The Graaff family founded The Montrose Foundation in 2008 to address substance abuse and addiction in youth form in disadvantaged communities.

The purpose of the 8 week Equine Youth Development Programme is to empower these children to overcome their life challenges. 

The horses are used in the Montrose Foundation’s successful Equine Youth Development Programme and the Caregiver Programme. The Equine assisted learning method is a unique tool to support children who are grappling with addiction, social and communication problems, low self-esteem and aggression.

The 10 week Caregiver Programme, which was designed by Elizabeth Thompson, also uses Equine-assisted intervention to support caregivers and facilitators who work directly with children, youth and substance abusers within disadvantaged communities.