Three Spades Cider (16 x 330ml)

R 590.00

The Graaff family of De Grendel are closely connected to the apple industry with four generations having strong roots in apple production. It was thus a natural progression for the wine farm to start producing cider. Three Spades Cider is a premium cider that is uniquely made from freshly pressed pure apple juice, rather than apple concentrate. It has been gently hand-crafted using apples from the Elgin terroir – an area that is well-known for its premium apples.

The creation of Three Spades Cider was a brand new experience for De Grendel winemaker, Charles Hopkins, and he was pleasantly surprised that the treatment of both wine and cider is not worlds apart – although cider offers a much quicker process. “Making this cider has been a great learning curve and an interesting
experience for me. I didn't realise how similar the process would be to
winemaking,” explains Charles. “I’ve discovered that the secret to a top
class cider is the composition of the apple juices.”

Three Spades Cider offers an exquisite, almost champagne type flavour. The
combination of five different apple varieties provides a delightful flavour – 30% Golden Delicious, 30% Granny Smith, 20% Pink Lady, 10% Braeburn and 10% Fuji. Light, crisp and effervescent elegance is followed by fresh apple flavours that complement roast pork, creamy sauces, chicken, and even a delicious apple
crumble, but are enjoyed even more on its own. Savour Three Spades Cider
over ice, whilst watching the sunset, or even out on the town.

Upon receiving the bottle, one immediately notices the three spades in the label as the three spades is the most distinctive element of the De Grendel Wines crest. The mini champagne bottle also symbolises a fun, mini celebration, as well as luxury. Three Spades Cider is available in limited volumes.

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