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Merlot 2019 1,5L Magnum

Merlot 2019 1,5L Magnum

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Though it seems like a leap to upgrade from the standard 750 ml bottle to a full magnum, it really isn’t. At 1,5 litres, a magnum is the equivalent of 2 standard wine bottles. Given that each bottle contains 5 glasses of wine, it is not extravagant to suggest a bottle for a table of 4 guests – that only works out to 2.5 glasses of wine per person.

The nose offers upfront aromas of raspberry, graphite and fresh plums. The wine presents fleshy plums and currants on the palate, underpinned by earthy flavours such as tobacco and li­quorice.

Due to its position in the middle of the red wine spectrum, Merlot matches with a wide variety of foods. In general Merlot pairs well with chicken and other light meats. Enjoy the De Grendel Merlot with roast chicken, a simple shepherd’s pie, or calf’s liver and onions with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Magnum bottles expose double the amount of wine to roughly the same amount of oxygen, lengthening the aging process and keeping wines fresher for longer. Older vintages of wine in magnums are likely to be in better condition than those in 750-milliliter bottles.

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