What’s On Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp’s Plate?

What’s On Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp’s Plate?

She’s a Durbanville local, a winemaker, loves food, and is a frequent visitor at De Grendel. What better reasons to have a chat with one of our favourite South Africans?



DG: Would you consider yourself to be a foodie?

EAB: I enjoy food, so much so that I have chef friends and associates that either cook, recommend, or even select food for me before I even get to make a choice around food! So, I don’t think I’m a foodie.  I think I love food and that I am just damn lucky!

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp De Grendel Wines

DG: What’s your favourite dish to cook?

EAB: I can make a mean curry, Cape Malay style, and I make the best omelettes, with fresh greens, feta and thickly-cut peppers. Christmas is also my favourite time to cook. You don’t want to miss out on my honey glazed turkey!

DG: You are based in Cape Town now. Tell us about your move here, and what you’re up to these days work wise.

EAB: I am from Cape Town, and work in Jo'burg and other cities at least three times a month. Believe it or not, it’s not my family that got me to come and live in Cape Town again permanently four years ago, it was my love for golf, wine, and I was headhunted by a radio station to head their midday time channel. These days I am a full time mom, digital presenter, I work on television and I MC for the private sector and government.

DG: Tell us about your own wine? How and why did you decide to get into winemaking?

EAB: Winemaking was a dream. And a dream job. It’s probably the hardest job I have ever undertaken. I did it because I have always wanted to make wine. Would I do it again? Remind me about the difficult process and I might say no, but when I think of how rewarding it was, I would say yes!

DG: What’s the most fun part about winemaking, and what’s the most challenging?

EAB: Fun? Seeing all the hard work come together. Bottling was the most fun and seeing my name and a Michelangelo gold sticker on the finished product. 

DG: How did you feel about winning a prize for your Shiraz?

EAB: I thought "finally I am a winner and not just a finalist!"  I love winning, so I loved every moment. This is the one prize I didn’t think I would win. I feel honoured and I am so grateful!

DG: What’s your favourite thing to eat at the De Grendel Restaurant?

EAB: Choose the scallops starter or risotto; I could eat it for lunch, breakfast and dinner!

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