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The Ultimate Steak Burger Recipe

Father's Day often centres around a delicious, hearty lunch with a bottle of his favourite red wine. But this year, what if you could really treat Dad like the king of his castle with an amazing burger recipe? That's right, say goodbye to those boring same-old, same-old offerings, gather the family, and get ready for some sizzling backyard grilling with our Steak Burger Recipe. To complete the meal and ensure a delightful pairing, serve it with the De Grendel Shiraz.

Steak Burger with Buffalo Mozzarella, Jalapenos & Rocket

This recipe serves 4.


  • 4 Sesame buns, buttered
  • 4 potions beef fillet steak, 150g each
  • 1 ½ cups baby tomatoes
  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced
  • 1 tsp thyme, chopped
  • 8 slices buffalo mozzarella or fior de latte mozzarella
  • 4 large gherkins, sliced
  • 2 pickled jalapenos, sliced
  • 1 packet wild rocket
  • ¼ cup of your favourite basting sauce


  1. Light your braai using good quality hardwood. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Rub the steak portions with olive oil and season with Malden salt and cracked black pepper.
  2. Combine the tomatoes, garlic, thyme and a generous splash of olive oil in a suitable roasting tray, mix well and roast in the oven for 45 minutes, set aside and keep warm.
  3. Braai the steak over very hot coals, turning the meat over only once for 2 minutes on each side.  Remove from the heat, let it rest for the same amount of time you cooked it (this is the rule when you grill any steak from rare to medium, there are no rules when you prefer your meat well done).
  4. Now brush the steaks with basting sauce and return to the coals while turning it regularly only for enough time to reheat the meat and caramelize the basting sauce. Most basting sauces contain sugar so be very careful not to burn the steak. Remove from the heat and start assembling your burgers. Add the steak followed by the mozzarella, tomatoes, gherkins, jalapenos and then the wild rocket. Serve immediately with sweet potato chips and De Grendel Shiraz.

De Grendel Wines Ultimate Steak Burger Recipe Ian Bergh

June 10, 2022