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The Exciting Changes to De Grendel Restaurant's Menu

Are you ready for some food envy? Our restaurant team, Head Chef Ian Bergh and Sous Chef Garth Davids have been huddled in the kitchen for weeks dreaming up new dishes for our Winter Menu. We caught up with Garth to ask him to reveal what you can expect on your plate when you visit us. 

De Grendel Restaurant New Menu

Why did you decide to launch a new menu?

We wanted to change the dishes to reflect the produce available with the new season. We've really looked hard at how we can incorporate local and organic produce. It's good for De Grendel and the local suppliers. We had some new ideas we wanted to try out. The dish creation process is also about uplifting our trainees – we want to teach them how to create new dishes and think out of the box. 

What are two of the new signature dishes?

We've brought in a lot of smoked meat into our dishes. For example, we've got a smoked lamb shoulder which we're doing with a sweet melon labneh. We're excited about the sweet and smokey combination. 

We've also created a pulled duck dish with polenta. It goes with pickled ceviche, a blue cheese velouté, dehydrated basil, red peppers and mixed herbs. 

What's a new concept you've brought to the menu?

We're working with a lot of cured meat. We've been experimenting with the method sous-vide. You first vacuum pack the meat and then submerge it in a water bath and cook it on a low heat for 12 hours. It seals in the flavour and prevents meat drying out.

De Grendel Restaurant Aero

Best dessert?

It would have to be the chocolate "Aero". We make a homemade Aero using an airation method on a beautiful French chocolate. We serve it with chocolate mousse, milk chocolate ice cream and dolce ganache. 

How does the menu work with De Grendel wines?

We always create dishes to combine well with our wines. Our wines are quite bold so we've brought in bold flavours to stand up to them. We also use many of our reds in our sauces – we love the spiciness of the Shiraz and the boldness of the Merlot. 

De Grendel Restaurant New Menu

One of our beautiful new dishes comes in the form of a cheese course: Crumbed brie, torched goat’s cheese, blue cheese custard, HuguenotTomato chutney, cashew nut chutney, blueberry preserve, pineapple, fig, pomegranate, apple
Marbled rye, lavash

Our menu is based on classic, locally sourced ingredients, served in creative flavour combinations and served with a an inventive, modern edge.

"We like to surprise our guests, that’s why you’ll find that our menu lists only the ingredients with no indication of how your meal will be prepared or which ingredients dominate, of course, if you ask, we’ll gladly tell you more," says De Grendel Chef Ian Bergh.

De Grendel Restaurant Decor

We took our creative cue from the family farm house, blending it with the present with touches of De Grendel’s past.

Click here to view the De Grendel Restaurant menu online and to make a booking please call 021 558 7035 or email restaurant@degrendel.co.za 

March 30, 2017