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Earth Day 2024: Supporting the Volunteer Wildfire Services

Protecting Our Precious Landscapes: De Grendel Wines' Earth Day 2024 Initiative

This Earth Day, we at De Grendel Wines are proud to announce our continued commitment to environmental stewardship. Last year, we embarked on a journey to combat plastic pollution on our beaches and in our oceans, and this year, we are shifting our focus to another critical issue facing our beloved Cape Town and its surrounding areas: wildfires.

The Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) has been at the forefront of battling wildfires since its inception during the devastating fires of 1999/2000. With a force of over 300 volunteers, including a remarkable 34% women, VWS stands as the largest volunteer firefighting organization in South Africa. Led by the fearless CEO, Claire Lötter, and operating from four stations strategically placed across the region, the VWS is a beacon of hope in the face of some of the most ferocious fires our communities have ever seen.

At De Grendel, we recognize the invaluable role that the VWS plays in protecting our natural landscapes, homes, and lives. That's why this Earth Day, we are proud to announce our partnership with the VWS in their mission to safeguard our communities and precious mountain water catchment areas.

From April 22nd to May 22nd, for every bottle of wine sold online, we will donate R3 to support the Volunteer Wildfire Services in their tireless efforts.

The increasing length and frequency of wildfires in the Western Cape are sobering reminders of the urgent need to protect our environment. Through our partnership with the VWS, we are not only supporting their brave volunteers on the front lines but also contributing to the preservation of South Africa's natural heritage.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us in raising a glass to our planet and supporting the Volunteer Wildfire Services this Earth Day. Together, let's protect the landscapes we love and cherish for generations to come.

Click here to donate to the VWS.

Follow along on Instagram where we will be sharing an interview between Sir De Villiers and Claire, talking about all the challenges the VWS face, how you can get involved and more. New episode every week between 22 April and 22 May.

April 21, 2024