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De Grendel Op die Berg Pinot Noir 2012 & Wild Mushroom RisottoWith the first rains of the season afoot the leaves are turning and falling. The forest floors around the Western Cape come alive with a vast array of wild mushrooms. Taking a stroll through one of these forests will enliven the senses. The very distinct and familiar smells of the wet leaves, mushrooms and the lighter woody tones of the wet bark producing hints of vanilla, clove and liquorice will prepare your mind for the lovely soft presence of all of these components in our De Grendel Op die Berg Pinot Noir 2012.

The crisp sunny days of June still give us a glimmer of hope that it is not yet full blown winter. The very berry characteristics that you are presented with on the nose, then the fruit forward characteristics on the palate, playfully trick your senses that it is indeed still summer and that we can hold off lighting those first fires for a few more weeks.

With the mix of the warmer days and cold nights the meals that we prepare and eat also start to change. We are still enjoying the lighter fare during the day and then moving more towards the homely, heartier meals in the evenings. Pinot Noir is known as the king of pairing and it is as comfortable sitting alongside the lighter fare and the hearty home cooked meals. This is one of the only wines that has the flexibility to do this.  

It is no wonder that one of the perfect food partners for the De Grendel Op die Berg Pinot Noir 2012 is a decadent Wild Mushroom Risotto. 

This is why we feel that our Pinot Noir is the perfect tipple to be on your table this June.
June 02, 2015