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Warm Up this Winter with Dessert Wine

We're thinking it's time to batten down the hatches, light the fires and start baking a few old-school comfort dishes. Below are very traditional dessert dishes, we've given a modern twist. Malva is a family favourite for most South Africans. We've got a delicious twist to add to yours below.

There is also something very comforting about a warm samoosa! Think you could enjoy one for pudding? Check out our recipes below - one of the very first desserts that we ever created for the De Grendel restaurant.

De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc Noble Late Harvest


Sweet wine can overlooked by many people because of the poor quality options that are available on the shelves. Another issue, is that people tend to overpour the dessert wine, and this is a flavour best enjoyed in conservative proportions. Keep the glass size down to around 75ml – this should be just the right amount to enjoy all of the complex characteristics of the wine, without overwhelming you palate with sweetness.

The De Grendel Noble Late Harvest has a rich golden hue with abundant fruit flavours of litchi, citrus, apricot and peach with spice and honey flavours adding to the complexity. These flavours follow through on the palate, giving it a full and rich mouth feel, with a firm acidity balancing the wine in structure and resulting in a fresh finish.  

It's the perfect wine to enjoy along with this dessert – they take comforting to a whole new level.

De Grendel Restaurant Malva

Brandy and Kola ice cream

500ml cream
500ml milk
6 egg yolks
90g sugar
1 vanilla pod
1T kola essence
6T Brandy


  • Bring milk, cream, pod and essence up to a boil
  • Combine yolks and sugar
  • Once cream has come to boil, remove from heat and temper with the yolks
  • Combine both mixtures and leave to cool over ice
  • Once cooled add the brandy and strain and churn in ice cream churner till thick.

Apricot samosa

2 bags dried apricots
2 cinnamon sticks
4 star anise
Pinch of cloves
125ml sugar
1 liter water plus 500ml
Phyllo pastry


  • Combine all ingredients (except the 500ml water)
  • Stew apricots until all liquid has been absorbed
  • Cover and leave overnight
  • Blend till chunky
  • Heat up 500ml water until warm and pour over apricots
  • Once liquid has been absorbed the filling is ready
  • Fill phyllo pastry and deep fry

For two fantastic malva recipes click on the link below


June 30, 2016