OBEX Cider (24 x 340ml)

R 672.00

Fresh apples were crushed with only the ‘free run’ juice being fermented to produce this unique craft cider. Many different apple varietals were experimented with before a ‘super secret’ blend was decided on to produce a fresher, lighter style of hand crafted cider for our thirsty climate, that does not compromise on crisp apple flavour.

Consistency of quality and flavour in every batch, which we passionately strive for, is achieved by a commitment to the chemical process of winemaking transposed to the art of cider brewing. Microbiologically stable enough to age for up to 3 years in the bottle, for a richer, more complex beverage.

Light, crisp, effervescent elegance in a glass, packed full of fresh apple flavour delicately delivered to the palate by a bounty of bubbles. OBEX is perfect as a crisp aperitif in anticipation of a sumptuous meal, but complex enough to compliment almost any meal itself. Fresh apple flavours resonate exquisitely with roast pork and apple sauce, while crisp acidity serves to balance creamier sauces atop fish or poultry. For a fresher alternative, OBEX would pair wonderfully with light salads or mild cheeses. Dry effervescence even cuts through the sweetness of dessert – dare we suggest an apple crumble?

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