MCC Brut 2014

R 170.00


Our pale gold De Grendel MCC Brut is the personal favourite of winemaker Elzette Du Preez. 

The maiden 2007 vintage sold out in 3 months, 2009 won Veritas gold, 2011 won the trophy for the best MCC at the Winemakers Choice Awards, a gold at the Amorim MCC challenge and ended in the top 6 of the Classic FM MCC Awards, while the 2012 vintage was awarded a Platter Wine Guide 4 star rating as well as a Vitis Vinifera Trophy award.

A blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir, the MCC is an extravagant wine in every sense of the word, with fresh citrus, apple and sweet tropical fruit flavours backed by some lemon-cream richness. The fruit weight fills out the mid-palate and the mineral crispness ensures a well-balanced wine with substantial length.

The De Grendel MCC is a perfect fit for luxury foods: Oysters (think oysters Rockefeller) and foie gras, especially when flavoured with truffle shavings or truffle oil. Loves fine smoked fish, especially smoked salmon. Deserving a touch of extravagance, De Grendel MCC Brut is an excellent companion for gently-flavoured types of caviar such as beluga. Brilliant with most Chinese and Thai dishes, it is fantastic with Japanese sushi, sashimi or other raw-fish dishes.



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Platter’s 4 Stars

Vitis Vinifera Awards 2014 Trophy


 Amorim MCC Challenge 2013 Gold

Platter's 4 Stars

Winemakers Choice Awards 2013 Trophy


 Amorim MCC Challenge 2012 Gold


 Veritas Gold

Platter's 4 Stars
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